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MP calls for a diplomatic opening to speed up getting Iraq out of Chapter VII
13/06/2013 / Dinar Iraq News

Baghdad / NINA / The MP, of the Iraqiya coalition, Raad Dahlaki called for a diplomatic opening to the neighboring countries to speed up getting Iraq from Chapter VII.

Dahlaki said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA /: "Today, we need to be opened diplomatically, to strengthen relations with other countries and to strengthen our position."

He added: "The visit of Prime Minister of Kuwait, Jaber Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah to Iraq is a positive step to resolve the outstanding issues between the two countries, which cannot be solved without discussions and debates between the two parties."

The Kuwaiti Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah arrived in Baghdad yesterday morning at the head of a delegation on a brief visit during which he held talks with the Iraqi side addressed all outstanding issues between the two parties to remove Iraq from Chapter VII.

Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Sabah Al-Khalid Al-Sabah, who was within the Kuwaiti delegation, said his country had sent a message to all members of the Security Council and to the United Nations, to inform that Iraq fulfilled its obligations and the remaining issues can be treated in Chapter VI.

In the meantime, informed sources said that Iraqi Foreign Minister, Hoshyar Zebari will travel next weekend to New York to finalize arrangements for the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII.

It is scheduled that the Security Council will vote on 27, June to remove from Chapter VII to Chapter VI. / End

Source: Nina News 

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