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Dinar Iraq Latest News / Dinar Iraq Berita Terkini

Raise the price of the Iraqi dinar to the fore again . - Posted on 21 Feb 2017
Iraq says IMF deal on track as Cabinet passes reforms. - Posted on 13 Jun 2016
Iraq says IMF deal on track as cabinet approves reform package. - Posted on 13 Jun 2016
Iraq holds a round of consultations with the International Monetary Fund to discuss economic affairs. - Posted on 07 Dec 2014
Iraq's oil exports rising in October despite unrest. - Posted on 24 Oct 2014
Dinar Iraq News:Completion of 80 percent of the budget in 2014. - Posted on 21 Oct 2014
Dinar Iraq News : The Exchange Rate of Foreign Currency in Economic Feasibility Studies. - Posted on 20 Sep 2014
Maliki Abadi make a deal. Maliki withdraws lawsuit relinquishes Prime Minister post. - Posted on 14 Aug 2014
Iraqi Banks See Increase in Financial Deposits. - Posted on 29 Apr 2014
Iraq electoral commission retracts resignation before vote. - Posted on 01 Apr 2014
Dinar Iraq Economic News: IMF update on outlook for Iraq. - Posted on 26 Mar 2014
Iraq Buys $1.56 billion of Gold, Biggest Purchase in 3 Years. - Posted on 25 Mar 2014
Statement by the IMF Mission at the Conclusion of a Staff Visit for Iraq. - Posted on 25 Mar 2014
Baghdad, Erbil reach oil export agreement, Budget endorsement. - Posted on 18 Mar 2014
Dinar Iraq Oil News: Iraq returns as world’s fastest-growing oil exporter. - Posted on 07 Mar 2014
Iraq Oil News: China pledges to pump more funds into Iraq’s oil sector, infrastructure. - Posted on 27 Feb 2014
Iraq Election News: Iraq begins handing out elections ID cards in Baghdad. - Posted on 27 Feb 2014
CBI Governor: Iraqi Banking System Restructuring to be Complete by end of 2014. - Posted on 06 Feb 2014
Kuwait describes Iraq as “a big market”. - Posted on 20 Jan 2014
2014 will see significant changes in Iraq’s investment law, says National Investment Commission. - Posted on 06 Jan 2014
Finance Committee Member projects 2014 budget will be sent to parliament this week. - Posted on 16 Dec 2013
Iraq expects to accomplish budget of 2014 within two weeks . - Posted on 03 Dec 2013
As IQD improves in value countries will want to deal with it; Enhanced confidence says Finance Committee Member. - Posted on 07 Sep 2013
Dinar Iraq News :If every passenger travelling through Baghdad International Airport converts $5,000 through airport bank, IQD value will rise. - Posted on 03 Sep 2013
Dinar Iraq News -Finance Committee Member: IQD will see significant improvement against international currencies during the coming period. - Posted on 31 Aug 2013
Dinar Iraq berita terkini :Joint Statement of the U.S.-Iraq Political and Diplomatic Joint Coordination Committee. - Posted on 16 Aug 2013
Economic Commission calls to accelerate implementing currency reset Point is to reduce dollarization, raise value of banknote. - Posted on 13 Jul 2013
Dinar Iraq News : Finance Committee- Calls on CBI to take 3 steps to maintain Iraq Dinar exchange rate; Steps will make exchange rate less volatile to buying/selling in auction. - Posted on 02 Jul 2013
Dinar Iraq News : Iraqi markets see demand for USD fall, Dinar Up; IQD expected to reach high value comparable to USD in the future. - Posted on 02 Jul 2013
Dinar Iraq News : Only 4 days to announce to the world Iraq out from Chapter VII. - Posted on 23 Jun 2013
Zebari to travel to NYC this week to finalize CH VII file; Kuwait says end of month will begin the permanent transition of Iraq from CH VII. - Posted on 16 Jun 2013
Dinar Iraq News : MP calls for a diplomatic opening to speed up getting Iraq out of Chapter VII. - Posted on 13 Jun 2013
Iraq's oil production up to 6 million barrels a day next year. - Posted on 12 Jun 2013
Finance Committee Member: CBI has new plan to raise the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar to start in early June. - Posted on 25 May 2013
Iraqi Dinar Stabilization Will the Dinar be Revaluated?. - Posted on 27 Apr 2013
Iraq Dinar News: Economic Expert, getting lost in the monetary policy makes the deletion of zeros is not successful project. - Posted on 19 Apr 2013
Finance Committee discussed proposals that will create balance between USD and IQD. - Posted on 12 Apr 2013
Iraq Revises Its Oil Reserves to 150 Billion Barrels. - Posted on 11 Apr 2013
CBI dollar restricts withdrawals for April 15; Instructions to stabilize the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against foreign currencies. - Posted on 27 Mar 2013
Kuwaiti Prime Minister in Baghdad next month to discuss removing Iraq from Chapter VII. - Posted on 20 Mar 2013
Iraq, Kuwait reach agreement over UN Qasr border; Creates opportunity to complete re-determination of border. - Posted on 17 Mar 2013
Iraq looks for WTO membership. - Posted on 19 Feb 2013
Iraqi Airways sells 200 tickets for the first flight to London in 23 years. - Posted on 18 Feb 2013
Iraq Oil News: Iraq plans to increase southern oil storage as 2013 new year’s resolution. - Posted on 14 Jan 2013
Iraq Economic News: Iraq Central Bank Boosts Gold Reserves. - Posted on 11 Jan 2013
Iraq Trade Ministry: WTO requests Iraq economy not to rely on oil revenues. - Posted on 03 Jan 2013
Iraq Political News: Kuwait’s Foreign Ministry; We are preparing to conclude 10 agreements with Iraq. - Posted on 18 Dec 2012
Raise The Price Of The Iraqi Dinar Against The Dollar As Possible. - Posted on 13 Dec 2012
Iraq-Kuwait Relations News:Kuwait-Iraq relations move in right direction – Forget the past, look into bright future. - Posted on 11 Dec 2012
Ban Ki-moon to visit Iraq Thursday, encourage Maliki to speedily fulfill remaining obligations to Kuwait. - Posted on 05 Dec 2012
CBI’s Saleh: Dinar has became strong due to policy’s of the CBI and $60B reserves; Aspires IQD to equal USD. - Posted on 03 Dec 2012
Iraq Oil News: War over oil and wealth in Iraq. - Posted on 29 Nov 2012
Bank of America: Iraq fastest growing in the world because of the high production of oil. - Posted on 26 Nov 2012
Iraq to be world's fastest growing economy 2012/2013. - Posted on 26 Nov 2012
Time to remove Iraq from CH VII, Iraq is committed to cooperate with Kuwait; UN’s Ban Ki-moon expected in Baghdad. - Posted on 20 Nov 2012
They’re Buying What? US investors latch on to Iraqi Dinar. - Posted on 16 Nov 2012
Iraq Oil News: Kurdistan sees oil exports jumping in 2013. - Posted on 19 Sep 2012
Iraq’s elections: Commission members selected along sectarian lines. - Posted on 18 Sep 2012
Iraq Economic News: Iraq Government to Open Doors to Foreign Investors at London Even. - Posted on 14 Sep 2012
Iraq Finance 2012 to be held in London Sept 18-19. - Posted on 09 Sep 2012
Iraq Oil News: Iraq oil exports rise to 2.565 mln bpd in August-SOMO. - Posted on 02 Sep 2012
Iraq owns 11 percent of world's oil riches. - Posted on 30 Jun 2012
Parliament and Fiance committee support revalue of Iraqi Dinar. - Posted on 26 Jun 2012
Kurdistan parliament demands reducing size of budget of three presidencies in region. - Posted on 18 Jun 2012
CNPC, Partners To Raise Output At Iraq Halfaya Oil Field In July. - Posted on 18 Jun 2012
Increase in dinar value is due to central bank's regulatory procedures, says parliamentary committee. - Posted on 24 May 2012
Iraq to Increase Crude Exports for 2nd Half May. - Posted on 21 May 2012
CBI: Exchange rate should stabilize in about 4 months. - Posted on 16 May 2012
Positioning Iraq on the World Energy Map. - Posted on 15 May 2012
Australia to Invest $2.5 billion in Iraqi Agriculture. - Posted on 15 May 2012
KRGs oil production could easily reach 300,000 barrels per day, says minister. - Posted on 14 May 2012
Nasiriyah: Opening of the first Islamic bank authorized by the CBI. - Posted on 02 May 2012
Abandon the CBI currency for sale; Do you resolve the problem of the high dollar?. - Posted on 02 May 2012
Iraq's finance giants to discuss exchange rate fluctuation. - Posted on 30 Apr 2012
Iraq shows his map of investment through the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. - Posted on 25 Apr 2012
Maliki: Arab Summit in Baghdad is a significant milestone in the history of Iraq. - Posted on 25 Feb 2012
Iraq parliament approves 2012 budget . - Posted on 23 Feb 2012
Iraqi Airways sells 200 tickets for the first flight to London in 23 years. - Posted on 18 Feb 2012
Iraq seeks to settle Kuwaiti issues through investments. - Posted on 05 Feb 2012
International Banks will only cooperate with banks when CH VII lifts; Currency traders in Iraq will eventually pull. - Posted on 29 Jan 2012
Positive developments in Kuwait-Iraq relations – Stage set for Maliki visit . - Posted on 17 Jan 2012
Iraq Making Progress On WTO Application. - Posted on 16 Jan 2012
A seminar on Iraq’s accession to the WTO. - Posted on 15 Jan 2012
Investing in Iraq requires patience, flexibility and a love of drinking tea. - Posted on 13 Jan 2012
Require oil production of 4 million barrels a day compared to Iraq's share in OPEC. - Posted on 04 Jan 2012
Iraq plans to start exporting oil from the new port in the Gulf in February<. - Posted on 02 Jan 2012